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Looking to enhance your product photos with top-notch Photoshop services? Our pixel-perfect handmade clipping paths make your images truly captivating. From simple image clipping paths to expertly crafted clipping paths and accurate color correction or expert retouching services, we offer various services to make your visuals shine.

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Photoeditics effortless photo editing Ignites stress-free passion in your work.

Endless hours spent hunched over a computer making paths, adjusting colors, removing blemishes, and fine-tuning details – the reality of editing can be stressful or a far cry from the creative spark that ignited your passion for photography or e-commerce business. Photoeditics appears as the solution to making perfect handmade clipping paths and cleaning your photos to attract customers to what you're selling. Photoeditics ensures an effortless clipping path and photo editing solutions when you can stress-free launch hundreds or even thousands of products a week.

Clipping path services offer a range of benefits that improve the quality and Charm of your images, making them more effective in attracting customers.

Here are some key advantages of utilizing clipping path services:

Clipping paths produce high-quality images with sharp edges and smooth transitions, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your products, portraits, or other visuals.

Clipping path services make your images more versatile. Whether you require white backgrounds for e-commerce product photography or integrating your subjects into any desired setting clipping path service allows you to manipulate the background. At Photoeditics, we create paths for each image by hand. The main benefit of a handmade clipping path is pixel-perfect accuracy, where AI makes imperfections in your images.

Outsourcing clipping path tasks to photographers, sellers, or even individuals saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project or business. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of clipping path services makes it a worthwhile investment for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality image editing without the overhead of in-house expertise.

Seamless clipping path service for businesses & individuals

We offer different types of clipping path services appropriate to the complexity of your product.

Simple Clipping Path

Ideal for products with simple shapes and backgrounds, such as clothing, shoes, and books.

Experts use a variety of techniques to create precise and accurate cutouts, including the pen tool, magic wand tool, and quick selection tool.

Simple clipping paths are typically the most affordable and quickest to complete.

Complex Clipping Path

Ideal for products with complex shapes and textures, such as jewelry, electronics, and furniture.

Technicians use more advanced techniques, such as the photoshop pen tool, to create precise and accurate cutouts.

Complex clipping paths typically take longer and are more expensive than simple ones.

Super Complex Clipping Path

It requires a high level of skill and experience to create precise and accurate cutouts of objects with complex shapes and textures.

Technicians use a variety of advanced techniques, such as the bezier curve tool and the gradient mesh tool, to create super complex clipping paths.

Super complex clipping paths are typically the most expensive and time-consuming to complete.

Ideal for products with extremely complex shapes and textures, such as fur, hair, and lace.

Photoeditics was excellent to work with, the job was completed quickly and the revisions were minor. It also has a really good eye with attention to detail, with some of our more complex designs Saeed was able to remove the right details and keep others, without instruction. We will be using @photoeditics for more work down the line!

Jeremy Williamson Product Photographer

Multiple Clipping Path

Ideal for images with multiple objects that need to be isolated from their backgrounds.

Technicians create a separate clipping path for each object in the image.

Multiple clipping paths are typically more expensive than Complex clipping paths

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I'm so glad I found Photoeditics! They've helped me to make my photography life easier. Their editing services are affordable and what I desire as my editing team, and their team is always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Photoeditics to any photographer who wants to improve their work.

Stuart Matthews Photographer

Photoeditics are great to work with. I've been using Photoeditics for over a year and have been very impressed with their services. Their team can always create high-quality product images that meet Amazon's guidelines. I've also been very happy with their customer service.

Alison J Prince Amazon Seller

Very quick at responding. Did everything I asked very quickly and made adjustments as needed. Communicated very well and even asked questions about what I wanted before starting the project. I am very happy with the result and would use Photoeditics again!

Janina Levine Model at Model Mayhem

Photoeditics was incredibly responsive and made adjustments as needed. Their thorough communication and attention to detail ensured a final product that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their services.

Amelia Mia Content Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions you might have.

Clipping path and image masking are both techniques used to isolate an object from its background in an image. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Clipping path is a vector-based technique that uses a closed path to define the edges of an object. This path can be created using Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, image masking uses a selection tool to select the area of the image that you want to keep. The selected area is then masked, and the background is hidden. Image masking is ideal for isolating fur and hair from complex backgrounds.

The simple answer is clipping path services are image editing techniques to cut out an item out of a photo. These services are commonly employed in product photography, e-commerce, fashion, and graphic design to create clean, professional-looking images. Clipping path is also called by different names, like Deep etching, Object outlining, Image cutout, Subject isolation, Background removal, Shape tracing, Pathing, Vector masking, Alpha masking, Color masking, Silhouette creation, Figure extraction, and Outline extraction.


Clipping path services are needed for creating high-quality product images. In addition, handmade clipping paths are essential for getting the highest quality product images. Handmade clipping paths are created by skilled Photoshop experts who carefully remove the background from each image. This ensures that your product images are free of any imperfections.

Here's a quick guide to selecting the best clipping path service for your needs:

Quality & Project Handling Capacity: Achieving project success requires balancing quality and efficient project management. Prioritize quality over price and ensure service provider handling capacity to get high-quality clipping path services for your next projects.

Turnaround Time: Consider your project timeline. Reputable services offer flexible turnaround options to accommodate your deadlines.

Communication and Revisions: Opt for a service provider with transparent communication and revisions. Clear instructions and timely responses ensure a smooth workflow, and you will get unlimited revisions for your clipping path projects because you may need revisions at any time.

Pricing and Value: Compare pricing across different providers, but don't let cost be the sole determinant. Evaluate the value proposition, considering quality, turnaround, and support.

Take a Free Trial: Finally, take a free trial to see a sample of your clipping path projects. Providers offer free trials or samples to assess their services firsthand.

Every image is different. The cost of clipping path services varies depending on the complexity of the image, the volume of images, and the turnaround time required.

You can check our pricing guide page to get better ideas about the clipping path service costs.

The turnaround time for clipping path services can vary depending on the complexity of the image and the number of images that need to be edited. However, you can expect to receive your images back within 24 to 48 hours. We have a daily capacity of over 3,000 images, so that we can handle even large projects quickly and efficiently.